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EnterLynk is a Smarter Connection

Integration  & Interoperability between medical facilities and labs refers to the ability to communicate and share data seamlessly, efficiently, and securely.


EnterLynk Rest API allows third party systems to seamlessly integrate with predefined object models. Request and submit data in a secure environment with API keys and credentials. 

In addition to EnterLynk API platform, our Health Level Seven (HL7) standard implementations, allows you to establish a bi-directionally interface for patient health and diagnostics data.


Public Health Reporting

Public health reporting is crucial in the laboratory industry as it helps to identify and control the spread of diseases. Laboratory testing plays a critical role in disease detection, diagnosis, and treatment. When laboratory professionals identify a new or emerging disease, it is essential to report it to public health officials promptly.​

With the need for public awareness of the global impact of viral and infectious diseases, it is paramount to inform our public health systems of medical diagnostic data. We make this process painless by connecting your data to the CDC.


Instrument Integration

Instrument integration refers to the process of combining and optimizing multiple laboratory instruments, equipment, and software systems to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and productivity of laboratory workflows.

EnterLynk and their team of experts can help you translate the data generated from various laboratory testing instruments and integrate the data directly into EnterLynk for interpretation and analysis.

Let's work together

Partner with EnterLynk today. We have a variety of solutions that can fit any workflow or laboratory protocol. Contact us for a live demo and QA session.

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